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National Recognition of Veterinary Registration (NRVR)

Currently Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland and South Australia have enacted NRVR. The remaining states and territories are continuing to progress legislative amendments to implement NRVR.

What is the NRVR scheme?

The NRVR scheme allows veterinary surgeons who have primary or full registration in another Australian state or territory to now practise intermittently in Queensland without having to register for secondary or limited registration as they will be 'deemed' to be registered.

Veterinary specialists are also recognised under NRVR.

Likewise, under the current NRVR scheme, Queensland registrants can only practice in NSW, Vic, Tasmania and South Australia without having to register in those states.  It is expected that the continuing roll out of the NRVR scheme in the remaining states and territories will eventually see the scheme throughout the whole of Australia.

What happens if a veterinary surgeons registration is subject to a condition?

If there has been any disciplinary action taken by an interstate veterinary board that has resulted in a condition being placed on the veterinary surgeon's registration, the interstate veterinary surgeon's Queensland registration will be subject to the same conditions while those conditions remain active.

Likewise if a veterinary surgeon's registration is cancelled in Queensland, they will no longer be deemed to be registered in other jurisdictions under NRVR

Categories of Registration

Only 'primary' or 'full registration' is recognised in Queensland under NRVR.

Requirements for Employers

The implication for veterinary practices is that if a locum is employed from another State or Territory, it is the veterinary practice's responsibility to verify the locum's identity and ensure that they hold current registration with their respective veterinary registration board.

Information exchange between the Queensland Board and interstate Boards

The law requires the exchange of registration details between the Queensland Veterinary Surgeons Board (the Board) and the jurisdictions that have enacted NRVR to facilitate the sharing of information relating to registration matters and for the establishment of a national database of registered practitioners.

What impact will the NRVR have on Board membership?

Veterinary surgeons deemed to be registered under NRVR are not eligible for appointment to the Board or to vote in Board elections.

When does an interstate vet need to apply for registration in Queensland?

Once an interstate registered veterinary surgeon’s principal place of residence is Queensland, they must apply for registration in Queensland prior to their interstate registration expiring.