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Searching information

The search will be restricted to veterinarians currently registered in Queensland and the information is accessed from the official Registers of Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Specialists.

(P) indicates the registrant holds provisional registration which allows them to work without restrictions until their registration is ratified by the Board.

(R) indicates the registrant’s registration includes restrictions. Please contact the Registry for further details.

A search can be conducted in each field shown but will be restricted to the information inputted. Mis-spelling for example will result in a negative search.

The business addresses of registrants where listed is the last address provided to the Veterinary Surgeons Board by the registrant. Privacy policies prevent the listing of any address other than the business address.

The databases are updated after each meeting of the Veterinary Surgeons Board.

Veterinarians who hold provisional registration will not appear on this website. Please contact the Registry for further details.

Search the databases of other veterinary registration authorities.

Note that specialist registration is additional to surgeon registration. Display of a specialty field in the search results will indicate that the veterinary surgeon shown is also registered as a veterinary specialist in that field.

If a search is unsuccessful contact the Board if you wish to continue the enquiry or make a report.

List of Registered Veterinary Specialists

A list of registered veterinary specialists is available here.